New Year's Eve at Diana

Dear guests,
Sorry. This year's New Year's Eve party on Diana is completely sold out.
Thank you for your understanding.

Every year, Diana is the venue of one of the biggest New Year celebrations in town. The New Year's Eve party programme is more than abundant. 

  • Exclusive ambience, a remarkable view of the midnight fireworks show from the observation tower
  • Main dining hall with a fireplace and a dance floor, with a buffet in the winter garden
  • Live 1960s, 1970s and 1980s music (Czech and English songs)
  • All-night funicular operation and admission to the observation tower included in the ticket
  • Luxurious buffet in old Bohemian style with traditional midnight goulash
  • Raffle with midnight fireworks on the terrace
  • Complimentary midnight toast on the torchlit terrace
  • A complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for every 4 persons

As a bonus, you will have a front-seat view of the fireworks shows all over town from the observation tower!

All that for just CZK 1,500 per person for seats in the winter garden or CZK 1,900 for seats in the main dining hall. 

How to Make a Reservation:

  1. Complete and submit the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
  2. You will receive information on reservation options by e-mail. In case you decide to confirm your reservation, we will send you the bank account number for payment by bank transfer. Be sure to read the information about cancellation fees under item 11 in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section below.
  3. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the tickets either by e-mail (you will print out the ticket and bring it with you) or by post as a registered letter for an adequate fee.
  4. Your reservation is confirmed and we guarantee its validity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will we have our own table or will we sit with other people?
    If you order 3 tickets or more you will have your own table and you will not share it with anyone else. However, if you reserve only 1 or 2 seats, it is possible that you will share your table with other guests.
  2. How can we get to the New Year's Eve party at Diana?
    By the funicular. As the ticket already includes the fare, you will simply show it to the staff at the funicular station and you will ride up to Diana without paying any additional fee. In case you are accommodated further away from the funicular station, we will gladly provide the telephone number of a taxi service provider.
  3. Where is the funicular that will take us to the New Year's Eve party at Diana?
    The lower station is located next to Grandhotel Pupp in Mariánská Lane.
  4. What meals are included in the buffet?
    You will be able to select from a minimum of four hot dishes, e.g. duck, ham off the bone, beef goulash, etc., as well as fish, mixed cold meat and cheese plates, fruit, vegetables, and desserts.
    There is always plenty of food and the buffet is regularly complemented so that refreshments are available to the guests throughout the evening.
  5. Are beverages included in the ticket price?
    Each guest will receive a complimentary midnight toast and if more tickets are ordered, you will receive a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for 4 persons. All other beverages are paid based on actual consumption according to the price indicated in the beverage card.
  6. We will not be able to arrive at the beginning of the party. Can we arrive later?
    Yes, you can arrive at any time. The funicular will be in operation all night.
  7. What is the price for children?
    We charge 75% of the full price for children up to 10 years of age. Only very small children not requiring their own chair (e.g. a children's chair) are free.
  8. Is smoking allowed at the restaurant?
    No, all interior premises of the restaurant are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted only at the outdoor terrace.
  9. What is the time schedule of the party? 
    The first funicular will take the first guests to Diana at 7:00 pm and thereafter, every 15 minutes. You can come at any time from 7:00 pm onwards.
    The buffet opens at 7:15 pm, live music programme starts at 9:00 pm and the raffle gifts will be handed out free of charge from 10:00 pm. Before midnight, you will receive a drink for the midnight toast and all guests will gather at the outdoor terrace to count down the last seconds of the old year and to watch the fireworks.
    The celebration will end at 4:00 am when the last funicular departs from Diana back to town. 
  10. What will be the nationality of the guests at the New Year's Eve party at Diana?
    The New Year's Eve party will be multinational. In general, we regularly welcome guests from the Czech Republic, Germany and Russian-speaking countries.
  11. What cancellation fees will be charged if we pay by bank transfer but are unable to come?
    If you cancel your paid tickets by or before 30 November, we will charge a cancellation fee of 15% from the total price and we will return 85% of the total price to your bank account.
    Cancellations after 1 December are not possible and therefore, the cancellation fee is 100% from the total price.
  12. Is there any dress code for the New Year's Eve party?
    No. As it is an informal celebration, no formal dress wear is required.
  13. Will it be cold in the winter garden?
    The winter garden is heated by gas heaters. Nonetheless, every person prefers a different temperature. We recommend warm clothing to those who get cold easily.
  14. What is the difference between the seats in the main dining hall and the winter garden?
    Both ticket variants include the same services. The price of the tickets takes into account the specific location of the ordered table:
    The winter garden is generally more quiet (live music is in the main dining hall) and as such, it is more suitable for friendly chatting with friends. The buffet table is also located in the winter garden.
    The main dining hall offers larger tables and more comfortable (cushion) chairs. Keep in mind that there is a dance floor and a band playing live music in the main dining hall, which make it noisier and more suitable for guests who want to be at the centre of things.

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