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The menu in the restaurant Diana

Appetisers Specialties for gourmets
Soups Specialties for 4 people
Fish Vegetarian Dishes
Chickens Children´s Menu
Game Dishes Salads
Beef Desserts
Pork Side Dishes


Cold Appetisers
80g Smoked trout with dill sauce, capers and toasts 110,- CZK
80g Cod livers with red onion, lemon, toast 110,- CZK


Warm Appetisers
80g Chicken livers fried with onion, toast 100,- CZK
120g Fried battered calamari, garlic dressing 110,- CZK
4 pc. Barbequed chicken wings, spicy sauce, toast 115,- CZK


Soups 0,25l
Homemade beef broth with meat dumplings and Celestine noodles 50,- CZK
Piquant goulash soup served in a loaf of bread 90,- CZK


Fish Dishes
200g Fillets of pikeperch roasted in butter  280,- CZK
250g Baked trout with eight different herbs  230,- CZK
200g Grilled salmon with lemon sauce  290,- CZK
250g Tiger prawns sautéed with olive oil, garlic, and white wine,
served with barbeque sauce and dill dip, toast
 380,- CZK


Chicken Dishes
200g Grilled chicken steak 150,- CZK
200g Baked chicken steak with bacon and smoked cheese 175,- CZK
200g Sautéed chicken (with mushrooms and fresh vegetables, cream) 185,- CZK
200g Chicken medallions au gratin (with a selection of cheeses,
white wine, and almonds)
200,- CZK


Game Dishes
200g Loin of venison with cep mushrooms 445,- CZK
200g Venison medallions with plum sauce 445,- CZK
200g Marinated pheasant breasts with red and white cabbage 390,- CZK
200g Loin of wild boar with rosehip sauce 415,- CZK
200g Game ragout in crisp potato 345,- CZK
Wild game specialty
300g Prime-cut venison Chateaubriand with cranberry sauce
780,- CZK


Beef Dishes
200g Grilled beef steak with fried bacon 345,- CZK
200g Pepper steak with green peppercorns and cream 360,- CZK
200g Beef steak with caper sauce (bacon, cream, capers, mustard) 395,- CZK
200g Medallions of beef sirloin with chicken livers
(red wine, bacon, thyme, garlic, onion)
385,- CZK


Pork Dishes
200g Deep – fried pork schnitzel 160,- CZK
200g Pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables and Provencal
240,- CZK
200g Escalopes of pork tenderloin with chanterelle mushrooms
and cream
285,- CZK
200g Spicy meat mixture with fresh vegetables 185,- CZK



Specialities for GOURMETS
480g “Diana” mixed grill with grilled vegetables (120g beef sirloin
steak, 120g loin of venison steak, 120g pork tenderloin steak,
120g pheasant breasts)
845,- CZK
1 pc. Pork knee roasted farm style (mustard, horseradish, ram’s horn
peppers, bread)
295,- CZK
Authentic shashlik – made with 300g marinated pork tenderloin,
bacon, onion and served with grilled vegetables
390,- CZK
½ Traditional Czech roast duck (potato and bread dumpling, red and
white cabbage)
320,- CZK


Specialties SERVED ON A SILVER PLATTER for 4 people
Czech style rustic feast
1 pc. roast pork knee, ½ roast duck, 200g smoked pork neck,
200g garlic flavoured chicken steak, 2 pieces of white pudding,
2 pieces of blood pudding, 2 pieces of paprika flavoured
smoked sausage, red and white sauerkraut, homemade lard
dumplings, crisp baked potato quarters in their skin
2150,- CZK
Charles IV’s Royal game and meat feast
200g venison steak, 200g loin of wild boar, 200g beef steak,
200g pheasant breast fillets, 200g tenderloin, rosehip sauce,
cream and green pepper sauce, grilled vegetables,
homemade lard dumplings, crispy unpeeled potato quarters
2550,- CZK
Tsar Peter the Great’s fish specialties
400g Norwegian salmon, 400g pike-perch roasted in butter,
400g trout with herbs, 400g fried calamari, 200g tiger prawns
in garlic and white wine, lemon sauce, grilled vegetables,
unpeeled potatoes
2450,- CZK


Vegetarian Dishes
120g Breaded fried Hermelin (Camembert-style) cheese with
cranberries and tartar sauce
110,- CZK
200g Fried aubergine with garlic remoulade 130,- CZK
250g Gnocchi with mushroom sauce and fresh parmesan 150,- CZK
150g Fried field mushrooms with tartar sauce 150,- CZK
300g Grilled vegetable 120,- CZK


Menu suitable for children
100g Chicken fillet with boiled potatoes and ketchup 110,- CZK
120g Chicken risotto with vegetables and topped with cheese   90,- CZK
120g Sweet potato gnocchi with poppy seeds and butter   85,- CZK


Side Dishes
200g Boiled potatoes with parsley 35,- CZK
200g Roast potatoes 35,- CZK
200g French fries 35,- CZK
200g Fried croquettes 35,- CZK
200g Steamed rice 35,- CZK
200g Bread dumplings 35,- CZK
200g Potato dumplings 35,- CZK
200g Homemade lard dumplings 55,- CZK
200g Grilled vegetable side dish 60,- CZK
150g Red and white cabbage 45,- CZK
10g Tartar sauce, ketchup, mustard, horseradish, extra sauce 15,- CZK
0,1 l Sauces for meat by offer 40,- CZK
3 pieces Bread rolls or Slices 15,- CZK


300g Summer mixed salad - (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet capsicum) 120,- CZK
300g Salad with tuna and olives - (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet
capsicum, onion, egg, olives, tuna)
190,- CZK
300g Salad with Balkan Cheese - (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,
sweet capsicum, Balkan cheese)
140,- CZK
300g Salad with chicken pieces - (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,
sweet capsicum, chicken pieces, dressing)
190,- CZK
0,1 l Sweet and sour honey dressing 15,- CZK
0,1 l Sweet chilli dressing 15,- CZK


Pastries and sweet desserts
1 pc. Pancake with cream, smothered in hot forest fruit sauce,
vanilla ice-cream, chocolate, whipped cream
95,- CZK
Homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice cream 85,- CZK
Vanilla ice cream sundae with hot cream of forest fruit sauce 85,- CZK


Note: Half portions are available at 75% of the full price.

We accept all major credit cards or cash in CZK and EUR.


  • Aperitifs
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee and hot drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Sparkling Wines / Champagne
  • Spirit


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