Interesting Sites – Diana in Karlovy Vary

Lookout of Charles IV.

The Lookout of Charles IV is a precise replica of a pseudo-Gothic lookout tower standing in Schleswig in northern Germany and it is the oldest lookout tower in Karlovy Vary. It was built in 1877 and it stands on Hamerský vrch (Hamerský Hill). Even though the lookout tower is partly shielded by surrounding tall trees it offers a view of the centre of Karlovy Vary with the Ore Mountains and Klínovec on the horizon and the valley of the Teplá River in the direction of the village of Březová. Under good visibility conditions, a view of Krásenský vrch (Krásenský Hill) with the observation tower partially opens before you.

Forest Devotion

An altar styled as a massive barrow piled up from large stones. The original picture of the Virgin Mary, which had been installed at the centre of the altar, was replaced by a picture of the Heart of Jesus in 1995. The altar is decorated with a number of sculptures and plaques with votive inscriptions in many languages. A wooden cross with Crucified Jesus covered with a wooden roof is installed at the top of the altar. Stone kneelers are placed in front of the altar. The surrounding area is paved and complemented with wooden benches and a small pond with an artificial waterfall.

Deer Jump

Jelení skok (Deer Jump) is the oldest lookout structure in Karlovy Vary. The wooden arbour was built on the rocky spur in 1804 upon the order of Mr. Mayer, a wealthy Viennese merchant and a Carlsbad native, according to whom the arbour is sometimes also called Mayer's Gloriette.

Nearby, you may find a copy of the original chamois statue, which was made at the Berlin studio of sculptor August Kiss in 1851. The original zinc statue was destroyed by vandals in 1984. Its copy was made from bronze by local sculptor Jan Kotek in 1986. A yellow-marked tourist path leads along the rock with chamois statue and you may reach the site by the funicular, which runs from Grandhotel Pupp and continues to the upper station at Diana.

Map of interesting places in the surroundings of Diana

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