Hiking – Diana in Karlovy Vary

As the Diana complex is surrounded by spa woods, it invites visitors for romantic and health walks. Diana is the starting point of marked footpath that will lead you to arbours and gazebos offering beautiful views of Karlovy Vary, or to Jelení skok (Deer Jump), as well as many other monuments and memorials associated with the history of the spa town.

Many visitors choose to ride up to Diana in the funicular and take a pleasant walk back to town. You may select from numerous routes depending on the terrain difficulty and length. You may walk along forest paths or paved paths. All that in fresh air surrounding by the charming spa woods. Naturally, Diana is very popular among Nordic walking enthusiasts.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a dynamic walking exercise with special sticks, which is aimed at improving your physical condition. Nordic Walking is a year-round activity, which may be performed anywhere in the outdoors and is suitable for people of all age and performance categories, because the sports level may be easily adjusted to individual physical capabilities.

Map of marked paths

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Rozhledna Diana Karlovy VaryLesní pobožnost Karlovy VaryLanovka Diana Karlovy VaryVyhlídka Petra Velikého Karlovy Vary
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